Set Value of Input Using Javascript Function

Set Value of Input Using Javascript Function

I’m currently using a YUI gadget. I also do have a Javascript function to validate the output that comes from the div that YUI draws for me:
Event.on(“addGadgetUrl”, “click”, function(){
var url = Dom.get(“gadget_url”).value; /* line x ——>*/
if (url == “”) {
error.innerHTML = “

error” />

} else {
/* line y —> */
/* I need to add some code in here to set the value of “gadget_url” by “” */
}, null, true);

Here is my div:


As you can see my question is, how can I set the value of gadget_url to be “”?


Solution 1:

for YUI


with normal Javascript

document.getElementById('gadget_url').value = '';

with JQuery


Solution 2:

document.getElementById('gadget_url').value = '';

Solution 3:

The following works in MVC5:

document.getElementById('theID').value = 'new value';

Solution 4:

Depending on the usecase it makes a difference whether you use javascript (element.value = x) or jQuery $(element).val(x);

When x is undefined jQuery results in an empty String whereas javascript results in "undefined" as a String.

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Solution 5:

I’m not using YUI, but in case it helps anyone else – my issue was that I had duplicate ID’s on the page (was working inside a dialog and forgot about the page underneath).

Changing the ID so it was unique allowed me to use the methods listed in Sangeet’s answer.

Solution 6:

document.getElementById(‘gadget_url’).value = ‘your value’;