Syntax highlighting code with Javascript [closed]

Syntax highlighting code with Javascript [closed]

What Javascript libraries can you recommend for syntax highlighting blocks in HTML?
(One suggestion per answer please).


Solution 1:

StackOverflow uses the Prettify library.

Solution 2:

I recently developed one called rainbow.

The main design goal was to make the core library really small and make it really easy for developers to extend.


Solution 3:

SyntaxHighlighter is available as a GitHub project.

Solution 4:

jQuery Syntax Highlighter is a new one based on Google's Prettify - a really really really popular plain javascript syntax highlighter.

It supports such things as code and pre blocks, able to use classnames like language-javascript to indicate we want it to highlight, as well as wordwrap. You can copy and paste code by selecting it normally instead of having to open a raw view like many others. It can be further customised by using the HTML5 data attribute data-sh or via specifying options at initialisation. A great stable choice which is updated regularly.

Solution 5:

What about Prism by Lea Verou.

From her blog post announcement in June (2012):

  • It’s tiny. The core is only 1.5KB minified & gzipped.
  • It’s incredibly extensible. Not only it’s easy to add new languages (that’s a given with every syntax highlighter these days), but also to
    extend existing ones.
  • It supports parallelism through Web Workers, for better performance in certain cases.
  • It doesn’t force you to use any Prism-specific markup, not even a Prism-specific class name, only standard markup you should be using
    anyway. So, you can just try it for a while, remove it if you don’t
    like it and leave no traces behind.

Solution 6:

How about: