What happened to Lodash _.pluck?

What happened to Lodash _.pluck?

I once used Lodash _.pluck…I loved pluck…
Realizing Lodash no longer supports pluck (as of Lodash 4.x), I’m struggling to remember what to use instead…
I went to the docs, hit cmd-f, typed ‘pluck’, but my poor abandoned friend is not even given a proper mention…not even a ‘has been replaced by’…
Can someone please remind me what I’m supposed to use instead?


Solution 1:

Ah-ha! The Lodash Changelog says it all…

“Removed _.pluck in favor of _.map with iteratee shorthand”

var objects = [{ 'a': 1 }, { 'a': 2 }];

// in 3.10.1
_.pluck(objects, 'a'); // → [1, 2]
_.map(objects, 'a'); // → [1, 2]

// in 4.0.0
_.map(objects, 'a'); // → [1, 2]

Solution 2:

There isn’t a need for _.map or _.pluck since ES6 has taken off.

Here’s an alternative using ES6 JavaScript:

clips.map(clip => clip.id)

Solution 3:

Use _.map instead of _.pluck. In the latest version the _.pluck has been removed.

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