What is “entry point” in npm init

What is “entry point” in npm init

I have an empty new project, when i run npm init i got a list of questions to answer, for example:
name: (karma)
version: (1.0.0)
description:my project description
entry point: (index.js)

I am really confused about the one that says “entry point”, Should this be my index.html file or my app.js or is it something else?


Solution 1:

Quoting from this blog post:

Entry point is the javascript file that will be invoked when consumers
of your module “require” it, this file will include the main logic for
your module, or if it is a large module you can export public
functions found with other files (typically in the lib directory)

So it should be your app.js file.

Solution 2:

For any project, entry point is the file from which execution starts. It depends on project configuration and run time environment of the technology we are using.

Examples : For a node.js project app.js is used initializes the app and glues everything together.

Solution 3:

Entry point is the path that your users will access using the index.js to be able to access the full view and services of your module I will rather leave it the way it is if you do not know what you are doing.