What’s the easiest way to call a function every 5 seconds in jQuery? [duplicate]

What’s the easiest way to call a function every 5 seconds in jQuery? [duplicate]

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Calling a function every 60 seconds

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JQuery, how to call a function every 5 seconds.
I’m looking for a way to automate the changing of images in a slideshow.
I’d rather not install any other 3rd party plugins if possible.


Solution 1:

You don’t need jquery for this, in plain javascript, the following will work!

  /// call your function here
}, 5000);

To stop the loop you can use


Solution 2:

you could register an interval on the page using setInterval, ie:

    //code goes here that will be run every 5 seconds.    
}, 5000);

Solution 3:

Just a little tip for the first answer. If your function is already defined, reference the function but don’t call it!!! So don’t put any parentheses after the function name. Just like:


Solution 4:

The functions mentioned above execute no matter if it has completed in previous invocation or not, this one runs after every x seconds once the execution is complete

(function runForever(){
  // Do something here
  setTimeout(runForever, 5000)

// Regular function with arguments
function someFunction(file, directory){
  // Do something here
  setTimeout(someFunction, 5000, file, directory)
  // YES, setTimeout passes any extra args to
  // function being called

Solution 5:

A good exemple where to subscribe a setInterval(), and use a clearInterval() to stop the forever loop:

function myTimer() {
    console.log(' each 1 second...');

var myVar = setInterval(myTimer, 1000);

call this line to stop the loop:


Solution 6:

Both setInterval and setTimeout can work for you (as @Doug Neiner and @John Boker wrote both now point to setInterval).
See here for some more explanation about both to see which suites you most and how to stop each of them.