Inneka Weather mobile application released


It’s so happy to announce about the release of 1.0.0 version of Inneka Weather mobile application on Google Play.

Download on Google Play

Development Road

Version 1.0.3 features:

  • Login/logout/authen
  • Share to social media (Facebook/twitter/zalo/…)
  • Auto get random image by weather subject via api

Version 1.0.2 features:

  • Add nearby city features
  • City information (cont)
  • Switch C <-> F
  • Save location to favourite/local
  • Vote/rate for city/country + reviews

Version 1.0.1 features:

  • Fix input text box with auto trim
  • Update to React Native SDK 33.0.0
  • Add humidity, wind, wind direction, air pressure
  • Forecast next 5 days
  • Add city information (partly)
  • Add max, min temparature
  • Auto detect location with newest lutilsjs library

Version 1.0.0 features:

  • Realtime temparature most cities in the world.
  • Change background automatically with the weather condition
  • Cool design with clean UI