React Native + Firebase : How to use Facebook authentication


React Native + Firebase : How to use Facebook authentication

I started building an app with React Native and am in the process of implementing a firebase backend.
I added the standard login with firebase, but now having issue when implementing the facebook authentication. I'm unable to access the FacebookAuthProvider mentionned in the documentation.
They give two contradictory examples, and neither seems to work. In the first, it is instantiated:
var provider = new firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider();

When I try to invoke this, I get an error.

12-23 19:14:07.388  3082  3517 E ReactNativeJS: undefined is not a
  constructor (evaluating 'new

And a few lines below they give the following example:
var cred = firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider.credential(...)

Where it's being accessed as a static object and not a constructor. This also does not seem to work. I have difficulty understanding how the Firebase API actually works given those two examples, and I still don't have a functional FB authentication for my app. Any help is much appreciated!


Answer 1:

This isn’t clearly explained in the Firebase API but it seems that there’s a clear distinction between the API provided by an instantiated FirebaseApp and the API provided by the Firebase module.

My mistake was that I was trying to access the FacebookAuthProvider through my FirebaseApp instead of the actual Firebase module. I now changed the reference and everything seems to be working.