Top free WordPress plugins I’d install to all of my sites

This is the list of my favourite WordPress plugins. This list is an unorderred list. Let’s see how these plugins help me a lot. All of these plugins are free.

1. All In One SEO Pack

Usage purposes

This plugin generates XML and RSS sitemaps to submit to Google Search Console and other search engines. It also generates robots.txt file.

It also can overwrite the default title, description, canonical url, … of a post but I rarely use those features.

What I dislike?

I have to enable those features manually because they are disable by default.

2. Antispam Bee

Usage purposes

This plugin prevents spams for free. An alternative to the default Acsimet plugin.

What I dislike?

It doesn’t have a report nor control page for me to see how many spam it has filtered. May be there’ll some not spam comments marked wrong?

3. Duplicate Post

Usage purposes

To clone posts and pages

What I dislike?

Till now, I haven’t found any trouble with this plugin.

4. Head and Footer Scripts Inserter

Usage purposes

Insert any kind of scripts, HTML codes to my wordpress sites like: Google Analytics Scripts, Verify site owner, …

What I dislike?

At first time, you’ll see the setting page a little of primitive.

5. Simple Post Views Count


Add view count to administrator dashboard. Sometimes, I just wonder why WordPress not add this feature as default installation. It’s a tiny helpful feature.


I am ok with this plugin.